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Sign the PledgeEvery day, an estimated one million animals are hit by motor vehicles in the United States. These animals are moving across the landscape to meet their basic survival needs for food, shelter, mates, and territory. Animal vehicle collisions cost our nation an estimated $8 billion per year, and often result in death or severe injury to both the wildlife and the human drivers.

Fortunately, there is a solution – wildlife overpasses and underpasses can help animals get safely across the road. Here in Colorado we are working to build the first wildlife overpass on I-70, called I-70 Wild Byway. Read more about this project here.

To make this project a reality we need to show decision-makers that this a priority for Coloradans and others around the globe. Please add your name to the growing list of supporters for I-70 Wild Byway. We will keep you updated with further actions as they develop.

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